The Team

Picture of UVM AERO Team Members

Back: Alex Unger, Dominic Gasperini, George Spearing, Nick Berkes, Dan Morton, Scott Stanley | Middle: Jacob Evans, __, Jena Staab, Katie Neuharth, Willem Hillier, __ | Front: Carl Fung, Ricky Caron, Josh Stone, Conor, __

Leadership Team

Jake Evans—President and Project Manager—ME ’20

George Spearing—Treasurer and Team Manager—EE ’21

Sub-team Leaders

Jake Evans—Frame Lead—ME ’20

George Spearing—Controls, Data Acquisition, and Software Lead—EE ’21

Ricky Caron—Ergonomics and Safety System Lead—ME ’22

Dominic Gasperini—Battery Pack Lead—EE ’23

AERO Alumni