The Team


Back: Jeffrey Giroux, Cody Smart, Ryan Chevalier, Marcus Roberge, George Spearing, Sean Meisch, Joshua Stone, Cullen Jemison
Second Row: Peter Benjamin, Peter Ferland, Jena Staab, Sarah Griffin
Third Row: Moritz Thali, __, Nate Henderson, Alex Unger, Jack Zimmerman, Carlo Giorelli
Front: Neil Holman


Leadership Team

Cullen Jemison—President and Project Manager—EE ’19

Jack Zimmerman—Assistant Project Manager, Sponsorship and Event Coordinator—ME ’19

Neil Holman—Treasurer— ’18

Sub-team Leaders

Moritz Thali—Battery pack senior capstone project—ME ’18

Peter Ferland—Telemetry and data acquisition lead—EE ’19

Jack Zimmerman—Frame and powertrain lead—ME ’19

Cullen Jemison—Controls and battery management—EE ’19

AERO Alumni