Current Project

CleanSpeed 3


Following our second place finish in the electric division of Formula Hybrid last year, we decided to start a new, similar design that focuses on the shortcomings of last year’s car and the cars before it. This year’s design, our seventh generation vehicle, includes a removable under-the-driver battery pack, an innovative dual-motor powertrain, an advanced, custom-designed suspension, and a specialized control system. We’re calling this project CleanSpeed 3—our third generation fully-electric vehicle.

CAD rendering of CleanSpeed 3 without a body


Weight: 800 lbs
Battery Pack Capacity: 5222 kWh
Tractive System Voltage: 109V
Tractive System Peak Current: 600A
Tractive System Peak Power: 65kW (88HP)
Traction Motor: 2x LMC 200D95B permanent magnet brushed DC motor
Traction Motor Controller: Manzanita Micro Zilla 1K