Fundraising Update

AERO was recently involved in a club fundraising competition run by the University of Vermont Foundation. There were two $1000 prizes on the table. The first of these was for getting the most student donors by the end of March, and the second was for getting the most donors overall by the end of March. It was a close race between us and the Dressage team, but with a last minute push we managed to pull ahead and get 125 donors by the end of the campaign. It seems we’ve found more definitive evidence that horsepower beats horses.

Link to fundraising campaign

We won the prize for most overall donors, and the Dressage team won the prize for most student donors (they only beat us by 5!). The money from this competition goes into our fundraising budget, which rolls over from year to year.

Thank you to everyone who donated to us. We are very grateful that there are so many people that want to see our club succeed.

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