What a Year

The UVM AERO team has had quite a busy year! After working hard for 18 months to complete the build of our promising hybrid design that won us design awards last year, we hit a wall with one of our manufacturers. As the deadline of competition loomed closer, we were left with almost no choice and unanimously decided to switch gears and start fresh. A little over a month and a half before we were due to leave for New Hampshire, we were beginning the design of an entirely new electric car.

We wanted to design a very simple car that would be a quick and easy build. Although this process was very stressful, most of our team would agree that this was our most successful endeavor in recent years. All of the dedicated team members truly stepped up and ensured that this new car would be built in time. Everyone on the team had their hands on all systems involved with the car, leading to an extraordinary learning experience  and thus a great level of preparation to design our next car.

At the 2016 Formula Hybrid competition UVM AERO placed 2nd in the all electric class against 15 other colleges. Along with this the IEEE Excellence in Electrical Vehicle Engineering Award also now has a nice place on our trophy shelf.  And to top it all off UVM AERO was the first and only team to complete all 44 km during the endurance race!

The team is looking forward to another amazing school year in hopes to bring an even better car to the Formula Hybrid Competition and win first place!


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