Spring Break Update!

Well, its been about 4 months since our last post, and boy have we been busy! Our power electronics systems have been received and are happily spinning on a lab bench. The frame has gone through some major transformations. While it is no longer a shiny chromoly work of art, it is much better suited to holding all of its guts! Cooling, controls, and steering have made great progress, and so have the battery packs. Tires are mounted and the rims are all balanced thanks to Larry Munson at Munson Auto in Hinesburg, VT. We are on track to have the chassis rolling in about a week, with brakes and steering following closely after that.

What do you get when you add one week, lots of steel, a machine shop, and hundreds of man hours? This list. We managed to complete every item on this list in time to get them painted. Except pushrod mounting points on the lower front a-arms, that is.


Newton was kind (and brave) enough to ferry the bare frame to our friends at for a bead blast and a coat of paint.


As always, the guys at Hazelett did an amazing job. Seriously, if Randy, Robert, or Albert are reading this, you guys are great! We definitely owe Albert a new pair of boots; they’re perpetually stained green because of us.


Keep an eye out for more updates as the competition gets closer!

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